What's Haut Potager ?



It's an Innovative Kitchen Garden (Made in France)  :

  • Natural Design
  • Raised
  • Self-Watering
  • Compact
  • Quick & Easy to assemble
  • Ship straight to your door
  • Ready to use (all you need is in the kit)
  • Sustainable & Environmental friendly

We are passionate about gardening and food. So we would like to help people grow their own produce, whether you have a garden, rooftop or balcony. We exist to bring people and produce together.


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EASY AND QUICK TO ASSEMBLE: You don't need any tools,hardware, or special expertise to quickly assemble Haut-Potager .

Which makes it ready to grow after just an hour !



RAISED :  Garden at your height in a comfortable position thanks to the raised-bed concept.

Compact  with39,4" Lenght x 24"Width x 24" Height

It can easily fits in your balcony , rooftop or garden



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SELF-SUFFICIENT : Haut-Potager is self-sufficient for up for two weeks, solving common problems such as insufficient or excess watering and drastically reducing water loss through evaporation or drainage.

Our Haut-Potager is self watering with easy system inside, that will save 80% of water.

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MAGICAL SUBSTRATE : Add the organic substrate which rises on contact with water, it's magical & ready to plant.

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THE WOOD comes from forests sustainably managed (PEFC), is naturally rot-proof and nice looking.

Our wood is certified by the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures N °15 (ISPM15) which guarantees his ecological side (Treatment with heat, not chemical).

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DELIVERED straight to your door.

We have certifications of each component of Haut-Potager (for Customs) which allow us to guarantee you the sending of our kitchen garden box all over the world.

We have formedpartnership with national  and international transport provider such as UPS, DHL, TNT, and Chronopost who will take care of your delivery ...

Our Team (Grégoire,Louis,Romain)

Our Team (Grégoire,Louis,Romain)


Gregoire (Founder) grew up in the agricultural environment. Passionate about gardening, particularly about the vegetable garden, he custom made vegetable garden in private homes fortwo years .

He conceived his first prototypes of raised kitchen garden integrating a water tank. With this experience, he surrounded his self with childhood friends (Romain & Louis) to create Haut-Potager.

We live a really nice adventure.

We are picked to take part to the Alpha Program and expose our Kitchen Garden Kit in Web Summit Lisbon in November .

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