Our Commitments

The idea is part of a simple observation:

How to make sure that everyone can have the pleasure of eating their own fruits and vegetables without worry about garden every day  ?

Haut Potager is three young friends who live in South of France and who want to find a solution for simple gardening that respects the environment...

Our "Haut Potager" kitchen garden kit adheres to principles of ecological and inclusive social progress. It's handmade in France with love :)

Ecological :

The wood is rot-resistant and comes from certified and sustainable French forests in the Ariège region.

Its waterproofing and biologically compatible with fauna and flora and allows for revegetation.

The soil included in the kit is organic and a little bit magical

Social and Inclusive :

We have struck up a partnership with an ESAT (an organization that provides care through employment) to cut the wood used in our kit.

Thanks to a team of disabled workers, our boards are cut, sanded, and beveled (to prevent splintering)

We understand that "Alone we go quickly, together we go far..."